Subway Card Activation

Activate Subway Card Online at or proceed with Subway Gift Card Activation Online task here. Every way to Activate Subway Rewards card, Subway Card Activation, SUBCARD Registration, application and registration with Subway Card Login process have been shown here.

Now, if you have received your SubCard or Subway Card and wants to activate the card then follow the steps as shown below and accomplish your activation task.

Subway Gift Card Activation Requirements

  • Subway card users must have an Online account in SUBWAY Card in order to activate your card Online.
  • The Cardholders will require card details like Card number, Card expiry date, Security code and CVV number etc while activating the card.
  • The card users also require personal identification details to activate the cards. So, keep your details with you while activating the card.

Subway Card Activation

Activate Subway Card Links

Subway Card Activation Online

  1. Primary step required is to visit #SUBWAY CARD ACTIVATION LINK.

  2. Choose an option available #“Register your SubCard” and select #“Yes, I have a SUBCARD® and would like to register it now”.

  3. Then, Please enter the #Card Details with #16 digit SUBCARD® number.

  4. Now provide #PERSONAL Information in order to activate the card.

  5. Select #Mobile number or #email for receiving updates from the subway and give selected details.

  6. Enter a #New password used for login in future to your online account.

  7. Accept the #Subway Card terms and conditions.

  8. Click on the option to #Submit and then your Subway Rewards card will be activated.

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Subway Rewards Card Activation Benefits– Usage of rewards card or gift card offers much free cashback and free rewards offer to the card users on every usage of their cards. Free food and free meals might be offered to the users. It also makes payments and easier and can easily access to your card online.

The cardholders are requested to use the card or log in just after completing the Subway Card Activation process which will ensure Subway Gift Card Activation. If you have any difficulties in Subway Rewards Card Activation then tell us at by commenting below in the comment section. Always keep your card safe and prefer to use your card rather than choose the cash. Also, use your card always softly.

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